I normally don’t like when people joke about my books, although I know it’s unavoidable. I find this video to be done with at least some respect for the art of Semenology. Let me know what you think about it. Don’t forget to buy Semenology on Amazon!

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  1. Lucy Lips
    Lucy Lips: Hey @JAG_1 I feel like this book is fitting for you ... https://t.co/XWzEOWxk44

  2. Indiana
    Indiana: @Ailen_Diaz sos una descarada, igual ni me sentí tocada, jum JAJAJAJAJAJA PHOTENHAUER BASTA, qué sabrá él de gustos en la intimidaddd

  3. ratling

  4. Leandro Outlier
    Leandro Outlier: Natural Harvest - A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes: https://t.co/7rBFI4MBSj WTF

  5. John Assavetes
    John Assavetes: EVERYONE HOLD THE FUCK UP! This is something that exists in the world: https://t.co/L47nolR1ec

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  1. Fotie@cookingwithcum
    Fotie@cookingwithcum: .@TheRealDiceClay Left handed harvesting for a nice semen cocktail, I presume? #Semenology

  2. Fotie@cookingwithcum
    Fotie@cookingwithcum: @Tax4escorts @Whoretographer Haven't you all studied that? In detail?

  3. Fotie@cookingwithcum
    Fotie@cookingwithcum: @noidd @TheLightCosine Don't lie, you visited my page and amazon page, didn't you?

  4. Fotie@cookingwithcum
    Fotie@cookingwithcum: @SuperDanni09 Why, didn't you find any good recipes in it? If drinks are more your style, check out Semenology.

  5. Fotie@cookingwithcum
    Fotie@cookingwithcum: @TheGhettoDandy Of course it exists!