I normally don’t like when people joke about my books, although I know it’s unavoidable. I find this video to be done with at least some respect for the art of Semenology. Let me know what you think about it. Don’t forget to buy Semenology on Amazon!

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  1. Garrett McClintock
    Garrett McClintock: @DavidFiso @Mental_Dental2 @bagofcats1 im sure @jvfiso would much rather have you bring home this cookbook instead https://t.co/Qgs5cq65dl

  2. 列島警察捜査網 THE追跡
    列島警察捜査網 THE追跡: 精液カクテルレシピ本『Semenology: The Semen Bartender’s Handbook』はうちの本棚にもあります。

  3. princess ♄

  4. Purple Prince
    Purple Prince: @AlvaRo_Rdgz @MauricioOlivas SI, El libro 'Natural Harvest' del chef Fotie Photenhauer, utiliza semen en todas sus creaciones culinarias.

  5. Daniel B.

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  1. Fotie@cookingwithcum
    Fotie@cookingwithcum: .@TheRealDiceClay Left handed harvesting for a nice semen cocktail, I presume? #Semenology

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    Fotie@cookingwithcum: @Tax4escorts @Whoretographer Haven't you all studied that? In detail?

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    Fotie@cookingwithcum: @noidd @TheLightCosine Don't lie, you visited my page and amazon page, didn't you?

  4. Fotie@cookingwithcum
    Fotie@cookingwithcum: @SuperDanni09 Why, didn't you find any good recipes in it? If drinks are more your style, check out Semenology.

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    Fotie@cookingwithcum: @TheGhettoDandy Of course it exists!