I normally don’t like when people joke about my books, although I know it’s unavoidable. I find this video to be done with at least some respect for the art of Semenology. Let me know what you think about it. Don’t forget to buy Semenology on Amazon!

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    C:\Splotch\FutaOnGuy: @NyronLaMedici someone's already made a cookbook for that. Natural Harvest by Paul Photenhauer. It's on Amazon.

  2. Mimamel Limited
    Mimamel Limited: @MimamelLimited Training List 4 October - November 8. SEMENOLOGY UPDATE IN ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY Date: Sat. 22nd Nov. 2015 (1 Day

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    EMM: Me he quedado loca con la receta del Café Irlandés de Photenhauer en su libro "Natural harvest" #claroquesi

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    escortintime: Un libro de recetas culinarias con esperma!! http://t.co/aPazw8KhnH ¿Alguna tiene hambre?

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    highly elegant produ: Natural Harvest A Collection of Semen Based Recipes Paul "Fotie" Photenhauer [link removed] http://t.co/DSvisfa6kc

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