Today I came across a podcast called Grandma’s Email Address and I saw that they had done an entire episode dedicated to my book. I feared it would be all silly talk but to my great relief I discovered that they were mostly kind of serious about the subject. In fact, it turned out to one of the best mentions of my book ever. I am honored to have a whole show dedicated to my cause and would love to hear more of them. Thanks guys! If you want to hear it, go to Grandma’s Email Address and listen for yourself. Interestingly enough, some of the suggestions that they had, like doing Eggnog and a Mojito with semen will come true in my coming book Semenology that will be out in less than two weeks.

Macho Mojito

Macho Mojito



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  1. Rich Leigh
    Rich Leigh: @semenbook evening! I emailed you yesterday, don't suppose you're free early next week to chat are you? Could have a fun project.

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    サックス大魔王: 精液を使った料理本なんてあるのか… Natural Harvest – a collection of semen-based recipes @semenbookさんから

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    tittou: @QSwearyXXXIV @j0k3r1035 @semenbook Beuuuuurk ... Ewwww😑😑😑

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    Fotie@cookingwithcum: Natural Harvest ebook available for free, only 3 days -

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    Fotie@cookingwithcum: @Rinaxas Sounds like a plan

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    Fotie@cookingwithcum: @Rinaxas You should probably buy another copy then? Of both Natural Harvest and Semenology.

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    Fotie@cookingwithcum: @atramixta @_kurete I see nothing wrong with that.

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    Fotie@cookingwithcum: .@noahsolo I remember... Fond, fond memories of writing it. Especially developing the recipes.