Earlier this week I got interviewed by Anna Roth over at SFWeekly, and today the results were published. I think it does a lot to confirm how serious I am about semen cuisine and dispelles some myths about me and my lifestyle. The interview focused mostly on my newest book, Semenology.

Perhaps more importantly, Anna took the time to an infectious disease specialist about ingesting semen who confirmed that cooked semen is safe and that ingesting raw semen is about the same risk level as oral sex.

Anna and me got to talking on Twitter a while ago and I’m really happy I did the interview with her. If you know a reporter that should interview me, I take inquires at semenbook@gmail.com or @semenbook. Happy reading!

Update: The SFWeekly article also led Huffington Post to create an article! Wow, what a day!

Update 2: Now Cosmopolitan has joined the Semenology party!


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