I’m in the final stages of my cocktail book, Semenology – The Semen Bartender’s Handbook. The one thing I have left, is the cover. I would love for my loyal fans to help me create a wonderful cover that is in the spirit of Natural Harvest. Subtle, yet suggestive. Beautiful and creative.

Submit your suggestions to semenbook@gmail.com and I will pick the best suggestion and use it for the new book. The winner will receive two signed copies of Semenology and one signed copy of Natural Harvest, will be thanked on the last page of the new book and be credited as cover designer on Amazon.

The front should contain the title: “Semenology – The Semen Bartender’s Handbook” as well as my name: Paul “Fotie” Photenhauer.

The back should contain the following text (and space left out for the barcode):
This is the ultimate handbook for mixologists looking for ingredients that go beyond exotic fruit juices and rare spirits. Driven by a commitment and passion for the freshly harvested ingredient, Semenology pushes the limits of classic bartending. Semen is often freshly available behind most bar counters and adds a personal touch to any cocktail. The connoisseur will appreciate learning how to mix selected spirits to enhance the delicate flavors of prostate milk. The book provides useful tips that cover every detail of Semenology, from mixing and presentation to harvesting and storage advice.


The cover should use this template to be accepted:

Semenology Cover Template






Here are some of the pictures from the book that you can use for the cover:

Absolut Semen Createspace beer5 Cognac Createspace Cognac1 Hot Shot Createspace Jim and Tonic Createspace Macho Mojito Createspace Monkeybrain Createspace Pomegranate Createspace Semen in spoon Createspace

beer3 cognac3Bellini Createspace Orgasm on the Beach Createspace Pina colada Createspace Watermelon Createspaceabsolut



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