It has been four years since I first published my semen cookbook Natural Harvest – A collection of semen-based recipes. I originally wrote the book to change the negative view of semen as food, and encourage readers to open their minds, kitchens and ultimately mouths to semen. We eat milk (cow secretions) and eggs (chicken menstruation) why all the fuss about semen’s inappropriateness as food? The cookbook has sold well, and more importantly the discussion of semen as food has flourished. I made the following products as gifts for my friends who helped me with the book, and who are also helping me write my next cookbook. They told me I should allow my other fans to buy these as well. I hope these semen-based items inspire you and your culinary friends to have more fun in the kitchen.

Semen Chef ApronSemen Chef Apron
Once you have mastered the fundamentals of semen cooking, this apron will proudly advertise your semen cooking abilities. Read more

Almost White Russian T-ShirtAlmost White Russian T-Shirt
For the independent-minded connoisseur of semen. This T-shirt displays the semen cocktail made famous by the ‘Dude’ in the film ‘The Big Lebowski.’ Read more
Boxer Briefs with Semen Nutrition Facts
Boxer Briefs with Semen Nutrition Facts
You know that semen is nutritious. With these informative boxer briefs the great nutritional value of your semen will educate those less knowledgeable. Read more

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Absolut Semen Cocktail Shaker
Absolut Semen Cocktail Shaker
Invite your friends over for a cocktail party and amaze them with exotic drinks made from fresh ingredients. This is the Crème de la Crème of semen cocktail shakers! Read more


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