Semen Chef ApronProduct Information

Avoid getting messy when cooking your favorite semen dishes. Once you have mastered the fundamentals of semen cooking, this apron will proudly advertise your semen cooking abilities.


The cooking properties of semen are similar to egg whites, with the only real difference being the volumes used. Since semen is usually only available in smaller amounts, most semen recipes utilize semen for its taste, and only secondly for its smooth texture or nutrition. Most recipes recommend that semen be added towards the end of the cooking process or in the final stages of making a sauce. This is so that the delicate flavors do not risk getting overwhelmed by the other ingredients or destroyed by the cooking process.

Available in black and white (as well as khaki and lemon)

  • 31″ long & 29″ wide
  • 100% heavy cotton twill
  • Machine washable



Semen Chef Apron print small