I just read a great review of my two books Natural Harvest and Semenology by Barry Lowe on the Gay News Network and was kind of amused of his failure to make most of my recipes due to not reading the recipes properly. I DID love his review and think you will as well. Head over to find out what he things of the books!

I had no Galliano, no beer, no shot glasses (like my load could fill one – I might just manage a thimble), so my options were severely limited. We had vodka (non-Russian) and tequila. Tequila Cum Shot seemed the way to go. I’m one of those males who never reads instructions, I go off half-cocked. Besides, I never follow recipes to the letter, I love to improvise. Imagine my surprise then at how difficult it is to shoot your spunk on to that part of your hand between your thumb and index finger, especially when you have salt balancing there. I ended up with a mouthful of salty man milk dribbling over my chin and through my beard. I noted too late, you’re supposed to mix the semen with Xanthan gum or powdered gelatin. Damn.

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