Natural Harvest - cooking with cum Front coverNatural Harvest – A collection of semen-based recipes was written in 2008 after about 2 years of experimenting with semen cooking. The idea of cooking with semen came to me during a dinner party with some friends, where we discussed that us men want our partner to swallow, yet don’t want to taste it ourselves. I came to the conclusion that we should also ingest our own semen and a little while later I tried ejaculating into a hot frying pan. The first semen recipe was born and I began work on my semen cookbook.

The first edition of Natural Harvest was published on in 2008 and two years later the second edition with better quality images was released, also on Lulu. In the end of 2012 I decided to move Natural Harvest to Createspace, owned by Amazon. It’s also a self publishing platform, but with higher quality and higher royalties. At the same time, I reformated Natural Harvest to 8.5 by 8.5 inches that fits the recipes better. I also published a Kindle version of the semen cookbook. Check it out, it’s a great preview of all the recipes and inside the ebook, there’s a $2.99 discount code for the printed book.

Why am I cooking with semen?

I do understand that you might find it strange to be cooking with semen, but I assure you, I’m very serious about it. Semen is nutritious and delicious, but that’s not the whole explanation. Cooking with something that you made yourself is a great feeling, just like when you use home grown vegetables or eggs from your own hen. The same is true with cooking with cum.  I have perfected the art over many years and I’m very proud of the level of expertise I have acquired over time. The Natural Harvest cookbook is the crowning achievement of my work with cum and I hope you will enjoy it. If you have any questions, you can send me an email or find me on Twitter. I do love interacting with my fans!

If you want an interview with the creator of the world’s first semen cookbook, please let me know!